Construction film

Construction film is used by manufacturers, contractors and dealers. Choose the construction film you need and request your quote.

Protect, cover, fill…

Construction film is used in a wide range of situations. Here are a few examples:

  • Construction companies protect pallets against sunlight, water and dust.
  • Contractors cover scaffolding when sandblasting an outside wall.
  • Manufacturers fill sturdy bags with sand or gravel.

Choose the construction film you need

There is construction film for every application. We have listed the most popular construction film below. Which one do you need? Important: only rolls of 50kg or more!

Flat leaf
Protective sheet on a roll or stacked separately. Flat leaf protects trays, pallets or individual products. This is the most common protective sheet by far. » Details and quote
Shrink hoods
This protective sheet covers the tops and sides of pallets, ideal for small volumes or various sizes. Also discover our S-shaped hoods. » Details and quote
Shrink tubing
This protective sheet covers the tops and sides of large volumes of pallets and are therefore processed in a fully automatically packaging line. » Details and quote
Stretch hood
Ideal protective sheet for large volumes of light or stable pallets. No fire risk, low energy cost and environmentally responsible packaging. » Details and quote
With FFS construction film you can package large volumes of sand, gravel, soil, etc. with a filling machine. We offer a wide range of high-technology finishes. » Details and quote