Flat leaf

Flat leaf protects your trays, pallets or individual products. We can adjust it perfectly to your needs and are an expert in various specialised versions.

Protection and transport

Flat leaf on a roll is mainly used to protect cardboard trays and to prepare them for transport. Sheets of flat leaf are often used to cover pallets or to be folded and sealed around individual products (mattresses, tiles, etc.).

Expert in specialised flat leaf

Flat leaf is tailor-made. We adjust it perfectly to the product you want to protect. We contribute ideas and know exactly what can be done. Some examples are:

  • Flat leaf with a high slip angle
  • Highly transparent flat leaf for paper manufacturers, for example
  • Hot punched flat leaf that keeps your sealing bars clean (no burrs)
  • EVA flat leaf with a low melting point

Flat leaf: technical details

  • Thickness of 30 to 300 microns
  • 30 cm to 7 m wide
  • All prints, double-sided
  • Additives: all colouring, antistatic, slip-resistant
  • Special versions: high transparency, EVA flat leaf, hot punching
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