Inliners and Octabin liners

Inliners or Octabin liners protect your valuable product against contamination. Tip: our Octabin liners with round bottom are easier to fill and empty.

Zero contamination protection

Inliners and Octabin liners are protective bags for your product – powder, grain or pasta – in cardboard boxes or plastic/metal drums. This avoids any contamination of your product and allows easy reuse of the drums.

Your product is valuable, so you want a top quality inliner or Octabin liner. We guarantee it.

Octabin liners with round bottom

Our Octabin liners with round bottom suit the exact size of the Octabin to ensure it is filled in a better and safer way. This also ensures that no residue remains after emptying.

Inliners and Octabin liners: technical details

  • Thickness of 30 to 300 microns
  • 60 cm up to 7 metres circumference, unlimited length
  • Additives: multilayer coex, smooth or slip-resistant version
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