Our story

How did we evolve into a specialised film business over 15 years? Through a clear focus and customer-oriented approach. With every order we want to deserve the next.

How it started

When Bob Gillis took over Techno Sales 15 years ago, it was a small film business. With a team of loyal film experts, we developed it into the successful specialised company it is today.

High specialty

Right from the start, we consciously focused on high speciality orders. Why? Because that is where we offer most added value. We contribute ideas and develop the best, most efficient solution. So no overpowered or underpowered films.

Customer-oriented drive

You are not ‘so many tons’. You are a customer who is entitled to good service. This also applies to small or complex orders. With us you are not side business, but core business.

Manager Bob Gilis is your point of contact for every order. He knows exactly what can be done and helps you get the most from your film and prints.

Stable partner

Film packaging is business critical, so you want a stable partner. We have been specialised in film products for many years and are financially sound. So you can count on us.

Our experienced German manufacturers are at the forefront of technology and offer consistent high quality. Their excellent track record speaks for itself.