Pallet packaging

Protect, transport and stock your products with pallet packaging offering consistent prime quality. Gain advice that helps you move forward and get the most from your printing.

pallet packaging

Tailored pallet packaging

Stones or pavers. 50 kg bags. Cardboard boxes. Do you stack your products on pallets? Then you need pallet packaging. To protect your products against water, wind, sun and dust. Or for transport and storage.

Pallets are packaged with shrink tubing, stretch hood or shrink hood. Which pallet packaging you choose depends on your product, its volume and the protection it needs. We contribute ideas and make your pallet packaging exactly to size.

This is why you choose us

  • We distribute products of German premium manufacturers and deliver consistent high quality. Our customers stay our customers because we are very diligent. That is how we save you valuable time.
  • After 40 years, pallet packaging no longer holds any secrets for us. We know exactly what is possible and provide advice allows you to move forward.
  • Pallet packaging helps you sell your product, so choose a supplier who knows how to get the most from printing. Your marketing department will thank you for it.
  • Any questions about our production process or quality control? Would you like an audit first? It is our pleasure. We are easily available and will be happy to provide answers.
  • To us, our customers come first. You will receive your quotes within 24 hours and you will get your deliveries on time. If there is still a complaint or discussion, it will be resolved immediately. Promise.

Our film products for pallet packaging:

Shrink tubing

Shrink tubing allows you to pack large pallet volumes. In 5 steps, we will develop the perfect shrink tubing for you, including printing and additives.

Shrink hoods

Shrink hoods are ideal for small volumes or various sizes. Also discover our S-shaped hoods with lower height shrinkage, faster processing and printable on 4 sides.

Stretch hood

Stretch hood protects light products or pallets that are stable after loading. Avoid fire hazards, lower your energy costs and ensure your packaging is environmentally friendly.

Protective sheets

Protective sheets are used by companies that need packaging for products or pallets, contractors, etc. Choose between flat leaf, shrink tubing, shrink hood and stretch hood.

Construction film

Construction film is used by manufacturers, contractors and dealers of building materials. There is flat leaf, shrink tubing, shrink hood, stretch hood and FFS. Which foil do you need?