Product packaging

Your product is precious, so you should not decide on its packaging overnight. Our experience, clever combinations and customer-oriented approach make the difference.

product packaging

All product packaging, clever combinations

Individual products such as sand, soil, fertiliser, rubber bands, etc. require tailor-made product packaging for storage, transport and protection against water, wind, sun and dust. Or for zero contamination sealing.

Inliners, bags, FFS, construction film and protective sheets: we offer all common product packaging. We contribute ideas about your ideal packaging and suggest clever combinations with shrink tubing or stretch hood, for example.

This is why you choose us

  • Your product is precious, so you should not decide on its packaging overnight. We distribute products of German prime manufacturers and supply consistent high quality. Please do not hesitate to request an audit.
  • To us, you are not ‘that many tons’, you are our customer. You will receive your quotes within 24 hours and your deliveries on time. If there is still a complaint or discussion, it will be resolved immediately. Promise.
  • We have been a specialist in product packaging for over 40 years. We contribute ideas and make a difference with the right materials, technological advances and a huge amount of experience.

Our film products for product packaging:


From thin bin liners to sturdy bags for sand, we develop the perfect HDPE bags for your application and we supply them on rolls or stacked in boxes.

Inliners and Octabin liners

Inliners or Octabin liners protect your valuable product against contamination. Tip: our Octabin liners with round bottom are easier to fill and empty.


FFS film allows you to fill large volumes in a fully automatic filling machine. We offer consistent prime quality and a wide range of high-technology finishes.

Protective sheets

Protective sheets are used by companies that need packaging for products or pallets, contractors, etc. Choose between flat leaf, shrink tubing, shrink hood and stretch hood.

Construction film

Construction film is used by manufacturers, contractors and dealers of building materials. There is flat leaf, shrink tubing, shrink hood, stretch hood and FFS. Which foil do you need?