Shrink hoods

Shrink hood is ideal for small volumes or various sizes. Also discover our S-shaped hoods with lower height shrinkage, faster processing and printable on 4 sides.

shrink hoods

Small volumes, various sizes

If you produce small product volumes on pallets (<100,000 pallets/year), then a fully automatic packaging line is not cost-effective and manually heated shrink hoods are preferred.

If you do have larger volumes and you use pallet of various sizes, shrink hoods are also a good option, as you will not have to readjust your machine every time.

S-shaped hoods: better, not more expensive

Techno Sales is one of the only providers of S-shaped hoods. They have the same price and offer these 3 important advantages:

  1. S-shaped hoods mainly shrink horizontally with lower height shrinkage. The film therefore covers the 4 sides of your product completely, offering better protection.
  2. Thanks to this lower height shrinkage, S-shaped hoods require less care during shrinking and therefore allow you to work much faster than with traditional shrink hoods.
  3. Ordinary shrink hoods can be printed on 2 sides. S-shaped hoods can be printed on 4 sides. A big plus for your marketing.

Shrink hoods and S-shaped hoods: technical details

  • Thickness of 30 to 300 microns
  • Up to 7 metres circumference
  • All prints, double-sided (S-shaped hoods: 4-sided)
  • Additives: UV protection, 5-layer coex, all colouring, antistatic, slip-resistant
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