Stretch hood

Stretch hood protects light products or pallets that are stable after loading. Avoid fire hazards, lower your energy costs and ensure your packaging is environmentally friendly.

Light or stable products

Stretch hood is the ideal protective film for pallets with light products or stable loads (slip-resistant adhesive). As it hermetically seals the tops and sides of your pallets, stretch hood protects them against water, dust and – if coloured white – sunlight.

Benefits that cannot be ignored

Stretch hood is becoming more popular fast, particularly in logistics. The reasons for this are clear:

  1. Stretch hood is elastic and ‘shrinks’ around your pallet on its own. As you do not need to heat the foil and you avoid the risk of fire. This is very important in chemical companies, for example.
  2. Heating is not required, and therefore neither is gas. Your energy costs are lower, which immediately results in some nice savings.
  3. As the foil is stretched, your pallet is packaged in less foil. This is good for your budget and for the environment.

Stretch hood: technical details

  • Thickness of 80 to 150 microns
  • Up to 7 metres circumference
  • All prints, double-sided
  • Additives: UV protection, all colouring, antistatic
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