Tray packaging

The right tray packaging does not only offer protection, it also makes a difference to you sales. Create the perfect flat leaf in the right colour and with the right print.

tray packaging

Tray packaging is tailor-made

Tray packaging keeps together cans and jars in cardboard trays, protects them against water, wind, sun and dust and prepares them for storage or transport.

The weight and temperature of your product, the desired colour and print, the machines’ sensitivity to static charge: flat leaf tray packaging is always tailor-made. That is where we make the difference.

This is why you choose us

  • Tray packaging has been our trade for over 40 years. You will not get any expensive, overpowered film from us. We study your product, listen to your needs and compose the perfect flat leaf.
  • We distribute products of German manufacturers and delivery constant high quality for the right price. You will gain valuable time because of our stable track record.
  • The colour and print of your tray packaging often affects your sales. Do your marketing department a favour and choose a partner who knows exactly what is possible.
  • To us, our customers come first. You will receive your quotes within 24 hours and you will get your deliveries on time. If there is still a complaint or discussion, it will be resolved immediately. Promise.

Our film product for tray packaging:

Flat leaf

Flat leaf protects your trays, pallets or individual products. We can adjust it perfectly to your needs and are an expert in various specialised versions.