Why would you work with us?

Because our foil company is not like the others. We contribute ideas, have consistently supplied high quality products for 40 years and pursue a no complaints policy.

Packaging and printing consultancy

You are looking for a film expert who understands your needs and contributes result-oriented ideas. The goal? Film that does exactly what it is required to do as efficiently as possible.

We go beyond “Tell us what you need and we will write it down.” We ask you: “Have you thought about doing it this way?” Not because we want to show how clever we are, but because we want to offer ideas to you proactively, which is in both our interests.

Long-term relationship

You do not want to change film suppliers every year. That is why you want a financially stable partner to develop a long-term relationship with.

That is exactly what we are. We are financially sound and have offered consistent high quality for 40 years. The best proof of our years of experience? Our customers stay our customers.

Continuous improvement

Consistent high quality is our trademark, but we are not resting on our laurels. We closely follow new developments and continue to improve our lead times, for example. Because even though it is fast, it could always be faster.

We also pursue a no complaints policy. If you have a comment or problem, we will work with you to resolve it with a minimum of fuss. Promise.